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written by Christian Tesan on 9. August 2013

Pimp my Campbells’ Tomato Soup

What do we eat for lunch?!

Everyday we have this huge problem and everyone in our office ran out of ideas. I bought the Campbells’ Tomato Soups cans 1 year ago to decorate some of the empty shelves in our office.


As a big fan of Andy Warhol’s Campbell artworks, I thought it would be nice to have’em in our office, cause I really can’t effort an original artwork from Mr. Warhol ­čśë


Another office day – same question:”What do we eat for lunch?!”
We had like 150 cans in the office, so we came up with the glorious idea… why don’t we just eat’em?
So we bought spinach, parmesan cheese, chilli sauce, basil, mozarella and prepared a tomato soup lunch.


And this is the result. It was really delicious and the preparations not even took 5 minutes. The pimped tomato-soup is now part of our everyday lunch hustle.


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