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written by DJ Neil Armstrong on 22. August 2013

eating different in japan, but it still tastes like chicken!

There is more to eat in japan then Sushi. This trip I'm trying to check out some new cuisine, and we are going to start with some dishes that would give KFC a run for their money...


Pop culture and growing up in america (even a cosmopolitan city like New York) has given me some stereotypes about japan. Some might be sometimes true (like they got anime characters just hanging on rooftops). But others –  like all there is to eat in japan is sushi, ramen and katsu is mos definitely not.

This trip to japan, I'm trying to check out some new cuisine, see whats trending out here and give y'all who don't get to be out here the scoop on what to munch on…

My first stop is at this spot that serves all chicken dishes, and does so for CHEAP.


This spot is called 鉄板焼 お好み焼 かしわ – pronounced “kashiwa”, located in the Hikarie building in Shibuya .

I stopped thru here for their lunch “set menu” special, and got some stuff you wouldn't get to eat stateside and probably anywhere else but japan…

chicken okonomiyaki

chicken okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is something that is not that uncommon, but one made with chicken is. Usually done with pork or seafood, this is a kind of savory pancake made with a batter fused together with cabbage, with scallions and a fried egg on top. Not a fluffy pancake though, definitely more dense.


chicken “meatballs” with daikon radish

chicken meatballs

COLD citrus chicken Udon


Now this dish I'm pretty positive you can't get stateside (maybe in Los Angeles… anyone?) , so I'll assume you can't get it anywhere but japan.

A citrus Udon, made for beating the summer heat, served cold . Kind of like Korean naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles) , but with ramen noodles. This was reallly delicious and refreshing. Gonna miss this when I have to leave for sure…


They also gave us some rice , leaves to wrap the chicken balls in, and this clear Hot chicken broth soup.


The Price for all this? The equivalent of $15 US bucks . This is a serving for one, but definitely enough food for two. Unless u a piglet. So its just the right amount of grub for me.

Next time you get out to the land of the rising sun and you want to try something different, come here.

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