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written by Christian Tesan on 14. September 2013

G-Shock x Be@rbrick Press Dinner

This dinner was all about the bear...


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For the launch of the latest G-Shock x Be@rbrick collaboration, Casio G-Shock invited journalists and blogger to the press dinner at the Toykio Gallery.
I was really surprised how good G-Shock's decoration elements fitted into Toykio's interior. A huge dinner-table got set up with a lot of wonderful details.

Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner-06 Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner-05

The evening started with the one and only homemade fresh lemonade from What's Beef, which is only 50 meters away… respect the bearbrick head on the glass 😉
The dinner course was a What's Beef special, serving a delicious cheeseburger and a cheesecake topped with a peanut-cream filled popcorn macaron.

Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner-08 Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner-07 Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner-03

Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner-02 Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner-09 Gshock-Bearbrick-Toykio-collaboration-press-dinner-04

Thanks to everybody who were involved. I had a blast!


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