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written by Christian Tesan on 29. January 2014

Some diet dish #01: The Oven-Plate

Maybe my dishes give you inspiration for your diet.

Like nearly everybody I know, I started my No-Carb-Diet on the January 01st 2014. And surprisingly I’m still on it. Besides eating all kinds of fruits or sorts of salads I started to experiment with my few cooking skills.

As I’m really busy working these days, I’m just too tired and lazy to cook something proper – I don’t wanna spen more than 10 minutes in the kitchen. And because of the cold weather it’s really not too much fun to eat a cold salad every day. Ok now what are my choices then? I have no steamer or anything like this. Last thing left in the kitchen to prepare warm food: the oven!


The first thing you need to do is of course get the vegetables and meat or tofu you want to have on your plate. I chose the following:
– 1 Aubergine
– 1 Zucchini
– Button Mushrooms
– Shiitake Mushrooms
– Chicken Breast Filet


Then I’ve cut the vegetables into big pieces. First of all I was just too lazy and I want to safe time. Second: The big slices keep the moisture of the vegetables more than thin slices.


After putting all these things into a baking pan I flavoured the meat with chillie-garlic powder and pepper. For the vegetables I took a ready to powder mix. On top of that I put salt, pepper and a bit of olive-oil.



Now it should look like this somehow and we’re actually nearly done. Open the oven and let it do its thing for around 20 minutes.


And it should come out like this. Smells already delicious but there’s one little thing to make this dish a special one.


I bought one of the fresh-made pasta-sauces which you can get at nearly every supermarket. I decided to take a pesto-cream sauce, squeezed the whole package over the vegetables and meat and put it back in the oven for 3 minutes…


… put a bit arugula salad on top of it and bam! Here we go.

Please notice that I’m not a real chef, so don’t blame me on things I might not know about. But I really can tell you that this dish was amazingly delicious and has no carbs. Enjoy!

Oh and it took me not more than 10 minutes in total, I swear! And if you put more stuff inside the bake-pan you can eat this at least for 2 days.

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