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written by Christian Tesan on 30. January 2014

Maria & Sophia. 40 days of eating. District Môt!

Twins on a mission on the streets of Berlin.

I’ve met Maria through a couple of mutual friends and businesses. And I can tell you that 2 of them are truely double trouble… if not even triple.


Since a couple of days I’ve been watching their journey through Berlin’s restaurants called: “40 DAYS OF EATING – Maria & Sophia unterwegs in Berlin“. And I was really happy to see that they visited my brother from another mother: Phuong of the renowned vietnamese streetfood restaurant District Môt.


Beside of having traditional dishes like summerrolls, banh xeo (fried vietnamese pancake), hot pot and so on, Phuong brought some special delicacies to the table: chicken feet & fried maggots. Would you eat ’em?


Too bad I couldn’t join the company, it seemed like a lot of fun and deliciousness. Damn I miss this food… note for myself: book a ticket to Berlin.
Jump to their blog and read the full article here

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