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written by DJ Neil Armstrong on 5. February 2014

Hennessy’s Privilege Chinese New Year dinner in NYC

Hennessy brought together some of NYC's finest creatives to celebrate Chinese heritage and ring in chinese new year...

Out in Flushing Queens NYC, one of the best places IN THE WORLD to get good chinese food (yes, I am making that bold claim for my hometown), Hennessy brought together a group of people that included some of NYC area’s finest creatives, to celebrate chinese heritage and ring in the “Year of the Horse”. 20140204_211304hennessy-privilige-chinese-new-year

Some of the folk in the picture above in no particular order, because I’m lazy – @christinesu123 ,  @rockyxu, @nitro_licious, @mryumingwu, @jeffstaple, @jolieknguyen, @pablochang, @mikey_fresh1, @yellowkidslanty , @thepumpernickel, @bwofbrooklyn/@hiimsarahkim, @lady_yoshi, @mreddiehuang, @stevenlam929 . Sorry for the folk I’ve left out, these are all the instagrams I could find 😉


The night was held at The Lake Pavilion restaurant and hosted by (from L-R) Rocky Xu , Yu-Ming Wu of freshness.mag , Wendy Lam – nitrolicious.com , and Queens own Christine Su . They gave us personal stories about the importance of Chinese New Year, explaining some of the culture and heritage surrounding the special day, including the red envelope that was placed in front of everyone. (it was packed with money! ;))

Then of course came the food. A lot of instagramming going went on . Below is Miss Info capturing the moment. 20140204_215617

20140204_210242 20140204_210931 20140204_212216 20140204_212309  20140204_215633 20140204_220122 20140204_220210 20140204_22095120140204_223711

And to round everything off, we had a traditional lion dance presentation… which really made me want to do kung fu.

20140204_221958 20140204_222202 20140204_222310 20140204_222503


After all was said and done, great night was had, more memories made, and blessing for a great new year were shared and wished.


OH wait. Of course, there were gifts for us to start the new year as well. A custom engraved bottle of Hennessy Privilege and a money Tree to bring home with us, ensuring us prosperity 😉


Thank you @HennessyUS for PrivilegexChineseNewYear . My belly is still full.

If you come out to queens make sure to check out The Lake Pavilion Restaurant. Some good authentic chinese food in NYC 😉

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