Pomme des Garcons

Pomme des Garcons x Ruttkowski;68

For the Cologne based art gallery Ruttkowski68 and the vernissage of Daniel Weißbachs exhibition “Stellen” Pomme des Garcons hosted a privat dinner for friends and art collectors. The challenge was to create an atmosphere and a menu that matches the artworks and causes attention without being obtrusive. With the support of our friend and gifted chef Dominik Grzeschik we set up a delicious 5-course-menu displaying “Stellen” (engl. “places”) in our guests memory. There were delicacies from beetroot popcorn to fake-smoked beef tenderloin and from ginger-flovoured soil to edible glas. We’d like to thank Nils (the gallery owner) for the opportunity to bring
together the excitement for food and art and of course Dominik for entertaining everybody with his dishes as well as his unique way of showcasing them.
There’s more PDG x R;68 coming soon! Next date is fixed, plans are made, the artist will impress.

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