Pomme des Garcons

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written by Christian Tesan on 10. March 2014


We all need a little bit more porn in our lives, don't we?!


I really forgot how I got to this website, but it caught my attention right away. At first I was like “wow, sexy Burger images”, but I didn’t really get what this site was all about. Of course I wasn’t expecting a deeper background to this, but I was kind of hoping that these are available somewhere in the world.


Soon I found the description for this project-website and must admit that I love it:
“Sounds a little dirty, right? Maybe even a bit naughty? Good. Welcome, perverts.  This is not a health food blog, nor is it chock-full of recipes. Rather, it’s a year long venture into the dark arts of hamburgery.
My goal? In short; pure carnal pleasure. In long; to concoct, photograph, and devour one sin-tillating burger a week, as an exercise in both my culinary and photographic passions. Lets get weird.”


He even got really creative on the names he gave his burger-creations such as The Dirdy Birdy Burger, The Mac Daddy Burger or My Bloody Valentine Burger. On top of that he also included all ingredients he used for this crazyness.





To be honest, I really have to thank you for this contribution to the world-wide-web. We all need a little bit more porn in our lives. Thank you PornBurger.me, I’m a fan and can’t wait to see more coming.

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