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Pomme des Garcons x Mark Jenkins

We had another wonderful dinner at Ruttkowski;68 gallery in Cologne. This time with the sociocritical artist Mark Jenkins.

April, the 3rd 2014. It was the Ruttkowski:68 gallery in Cologne Germany where the Art Collectors Dinner for the Mark Jenkins exhibition took place. It was the second time we were doing this privat dinner for the gallery owner Nils Müller. He invited about 20 selected guests from all over Germany and this time even from Paris and Amsterdam to have a personal get-together with the artist. The reason PDG is involved is the concept of the dinner. We’re talking to the artists, having a look his work, ask him about inspirational things and his biography and try to let this influence the dinner the we serve.
This time we had a six course menu that took a closer look at the materials Mark Jenkins is working with, but also took account of the environment his sculptures are placed. Our chef Dominik Grzeschik (owner of a wonderful restaurant called Essklasse) and his crew took
very good care of the guest’s wellbeing … from a small starter served on a baseball bat to a desert that was placed on a sculptures butt.

A thing that i’m very proud of is the installation we worked out with Mark. He installed a woman that was lying on the dinner table for the whole night. The table was very narrow so the guest were a little disturbed in their space all the time. They had to talk, shake hands or pass wine bottles above her back. They had to take care not to inflame her fair with the candles or to dirty her clothes with the food on the plates. In the end, as the final course, we served a classic and old fashioned carrot cake on her back as a self service thing. Ever seen art collectors eating from a piece of art at an exhibition? We have.

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