Pomme des Garcons

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written by DJ Neil Armstrong on 25. April 2014

Creme Brûlée pancakes , oh yes.

In my top 5 pancake dish of all time...

Big kahuna burger… that’s that Hawaiian burger joint???

That’s the burger that Jules in Pulp Fiction ate for breakfast. For this #pommedesgarcons entry I’m posting about the  Kua’aina Burger Joint in Japan , which is also a Hawaiian burger joint, that also serves pancakes.

Now I’m not quite sure where this burger chain originated. Their website says they have them in Tokyo, Hawaii (Haleiwa, Honolulu) and London. What I do know for sure, is that this spot serves one of the most interesting and tasty pancakes I’ve ever had – The creme brûlée Pancake.

It goes for 655 YEN, which is about 6 bucks and change in US. Imagine the dessert of the same name , in pancake form.

Over two fluffy pancakes, they pour custard on top, caramel, and fire the top until it has that hard coating. Add a side of ice cream and whip cream, and voila, deliciousness.

IMG_8729 IMG_8730  IMG_8737 IMG_8740

If you are a fan of creme brûlée and you love pancakes, this place is made just for you. Forget about the burgers, go straight for the pancakes over here…


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