Pomme des Garcons

About us

Taking a look at the plates around the world, behind the scenes of individual manufacturing, a browse in books and videos and everything with great attention to the detailed and extraordinary.
We deal with the awareness of food and get in touch with a variety of related areas. Pomme des Garcons is a lifestyle blog focusing the second most beautiful thing in the world.


No random kitchen experiments to be photographed, no trying to come up with fancy cupcake recipes or to formulate restaurant reviews.

Pomme des Garcons sees itself as a food blog for a community, who’s appreciation for quality in life is connected to good food and quality products. And even more than that … it’s about fashion, music, art and culture, affected by young people who create the pulse of our time.
With the support of our blogging friends around the world we are spotting food trends, new taste experiences and interesting characters everywhere. Berlin, Paris, London, New York or Hong Kong … we keep and eye on that.